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Helmy. A


I joined the department of Electrical and Computer engineering of the University of Toronto with a mixed experience in academic as well as industrial environments. I received both my M.Sc. (9/1995) and Ph.D. (11/1998) degrees from the University of Glasgow, Scotland, in the field of photonics. I was a European Union-sponsored research fellow on project to study difference frequency generation in III-V heterostructures using Quantum well intermixing in 1999.

Between 2000 and 2004 I joined Agilent Technologies, where I was involved in developing different Photonic devices ranging form high reliability high power submarine-class 980 nm lasers, to DFBs for un-cooled high temperature operation, to integrated laser/modulator/amplifier devices.

My Research Interests include; Photonic device physics and characterization techniques, non-linear optics in III-V semiconductors, applied optical spectroscopy for III-V optoelectronic devices and materials, III-V fabrication and monolithic integration techniques.